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How Rosti created design agency

In March of this year, for obvious reasons, I left Russia, initially this idea originated with me back in January, when I was on vacation, to change my life, find a remote location and travel. And then, on the first day after my vacation, I was also asked to leave the project in which I worked, so successfully, I myself would not have had the courage to leave a warm and stable place.

My vacation was in the Seychelles, and on the last day I did a PCR test for the airline, which turned out to be positive. As a result, a doctor from the Ministry of Health contacted me and said that I needed to be isolated and that I would not be released from the country.

Then a week was added to my vacation in the Seychelles, in a villa with a swimming pool, a great time. During this week I realized that I want to change my life, the time has come.

I started thinking about remote ways of working, and preferably what I already know, then I realized that I was all the time making out different channels on YouTube, social networks and making small websites - design is the solution.

I started looking for design schools and how to develop in this direction, found, started studying to become more professional in this direction.

When I returned to Russia, we had a military operation, I was very scared and I moved to Thailand. Starting your life from scratch is very scary.

In Thailand, I started developing and creating my first paid design projects, for the first time I received a client from Australia, Mexico, Thailand and Russia. It was the money that I saw for the first time as a freelancer, although I had tried to develop in this direction before. I realized that I need to do my agency. After half a year away from home, I began to create, I thought for a long time what services I could provide, what prices should be set and how to present myself.

I realized one thing, I don't want to copy other people's designs, I don't want to create template solutions, although it could be done faster and make more money, but money is not the main thing in life?!

I realized that I can really create, this is what I dreamed of, but I have no skills in painting or music, but I can work on a laptop and in a computer.

I want maximum openness, so my photo is on the main page, because every company should have a face - the face of this company is me, no matter how modest it sounds.

Why is Feo - by the way, in Spanish it means scary - because these are the first three letters of my last name. And there is no better brand idea than to call the company by its name.

And so, I created a website, thought through all the services and launched everything. We already have our first clients, I met great freelancers, illustrators, designers and programmers.

August 1, 2022 - the first day of the life of Feo Design Agency
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