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It is important for a designer to replenish his collection of vision.
Our brain, especially if we are new to design, cannot generate ideas for design. Design Ideas are born due to inspiration, for example, travel or new acquaintances.
You can't just come up with a website design without having some kind of base, just like you can't speak another language without some kind of vocabulary, we read books for languages, and other designs for design.
It's not about copying the project from a to z, but to emphasize some idea, concept.
By the time of the development of your viewing experience, you will be convinced that many elements are similar, font sizes, the number of these fonts, the margins between the elements, between the buttons, the size of the buttons, the style is the same, the illustration.

They differ only in the number of these elements by arrangement, layout, which give birth to new, unique designs.

Therefore, your task is not to copy, but to be inspired.
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